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Branding, Style & Core Values

Hello again and welcome back! Thanks for joining me again on this blogging journey.

In this post I’d love to delve a little bit deeper into A Basket Full of Blooms, more specifically our floristry style, core values and what we specialise in.

Wedding, Events & Workshops

As a business we specialise in weddings and events which are bespoke and tailored to each client. I especially love weddings because they are such a special and important day! I want to make the weddings that we do feel like a wonderful dream whilst also a beautiful reality, all wrapped up into one unforgettable day. I really do think the flowers have one of the biggest impacts, they really do set the tone for the whole wedding. We also do events and these include arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and hen parties. We can come and decorate your venue or we do offer workshops, so this could include learning how to make a flower crown, bouquet or table arrangement.

Branding & Style

I don't know about you but I am always drawn to brands and products that have a similar style and aesthetic to me. I believe it's something we all do naturally and I think it's actually how we form our own personal style over the years. For example, for me, I like simple branding, usually muted and neutral tones with not too much fuss.

Branding and style are really important to any business, it's how people identify a business and its work. At A Basket Full of Blooms, I would describe our floral style as whimsical, wild and romantic. Our aim is to make arrangements look natural and organic, like the flowers have just sprung up from the ground, that they belong there. I want the arrangements to be elegant and not too busy so that the overall look is beautiful and impactful. When it comes to paper and digital branding we like to take a minimal and delicate approach so that our business cards, emails and instagram are easy to read but still look beautiful.

At A Basket Full Of Blooms, we have done lots of different styles of weddings from pretty pastels to vibrant and colourful. Flowers we love to use include Peonies, Dahlias, Roses, Cosmos, Dried Honesty, Dried Bunny Tails, Bleached Ruscus, Carnations, Corncockles, Phlox and Ranunculus. I do enjoy growing flowers and we sometimes use them in weddings if we can manage with the growing space we have, this is a topic I'll discuss in another blog post.

Core Values & Ways of Working

I think it's really important to have core values in life, these values could be principles that are really important to you such as honesty, friendship, quality time and self-care, the list could go on and on. Out of my list of core values there are three that really stand out to me, these are integrity, humility and kindness. As my business is really just an extension of me, I naturally will bring these core values to how we work.

Why have core values? Well I think values are part of our identity, they are principles that we stand by and they guide our thoughts, beliefs and actions. I believe they ultimately affect how we behave and therefore how we treat ourselves and others. Identifying them means that we're more likely to be intentional about living by them.

What do they mean? Let's start with integrity, which is probably the most important core value to me. Integrity can be described as the quality of being honest, the state of being whole and undivided. It's about doing what is right even when no one is watching. For us, this looks like following through on our commitments, treating all clients equally and being tidy and on time. Humility is the attitude of knowing that you are not better than anyone else, everyone is important and has value. We value others opinions and we always make sure we are teachable. I love to learn from others so I love to freelance for other florists when I am not working on our own projects. Last but not least kindness, kindness is about being generous, helpful and caring towards others. We treat everyone with the same level of respect and kindness no matter who they are.

How they impact how we work? These values have a big impact on our business and how we work. Our hope is that we give our clients the best possible customer service and that they come away feeling understood and valued as well as extremely happy with our arrangements and displays. We also strive for excellence in our work and not perfection. Excellence is about doing everything to the best of our ability without cutting corners. Our arrangements will never be perfect because perfection doesn't exist but they will be incredibly beautiful and that's fine by us.

So that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please give it a like or send us a comment if you did. See you next time.


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