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Hello & welcome to all things A Basket Full of Blooms...

I realise that as a small business, I am the business and the business is me. In producing this blog I hope to share with you a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes, as well as a diving into some industry topics and maybe some personal ones’ too. It will be a little insight into my flowery world and I hope it makes you feel more connected to us and what we do. This first post is a quick introduction to me and how I started on my floristry journey, I hope you find it interesting and get to know a bit more about the heart behind A Basket Full Of Blooms.

My Floral Journey

For those of you who don’t know already, my name is Beth and I am the founder and floral designer behind A Basket Full of Blooms. I live in a village just outside of the beautiful city of Bath with my husband and our tabby cat Ruby. I am a country girl at heart despite being from London originally but I spent most of my teenage years by the sea in East Sussex. At 18 I took a gap year and studied in the USA and that’s where I met my husband. After my gap year I went to university and whilst at university we got married (bold I know!). Our wedding was where my love of flowers and floral design started as I decided to do my own wedding flowers. I absolutely loved every minute of creating our floral arrangements and I learnt a lot in the process.

Hole In A Box Photography

After university I had a couple of jobs in retail and in offices but I just knew I needed a more creative career. A few years passed during which me and my husband both graduated from university and we moved our whole lives to Somerset. In the Spring of 2019 I took a leap of faith and studied floristry at Tallulah Rose Flower School and then in February 2020 I took an even bigger leap of faith and became a florist full time and I haven’t looked back since. We have been gradually growing and evolving over the last few years and I feel excited about all the projects coming up and how the business will expand further.

Business Aside

Now that you know a bit about how I came to floristry, here are some fun facts about me outside of flower mode.

- Me and my husband both love nature so any excuse to get outside, rain, shine or snow, you will usually find us surfing, rock climbing or skiing.

- As well as being a self-confessed cat lady, I also love horses and grew up riding. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by rolling Somerset hills that home lots of lovely horses.

- My other hobbies include sewing and drawing as being creative is not just limited to floristry for me, you’ll sometimes see me posting and selling my creations on Instagram.

- I am passionate about the environment and enjoy living a slow and simple lifestyle, focusing on good food and company and less on accumulating material possessions. This is still very much an ongoing process for us as we endeavour to live more consciously and organically, a key to this is organisation which makes me happy both in work and at home.

- My garden is my happy place and I love to grow flowers which I do for both pleasure and business purposes and I’ll bring you along my growing journey.

- Interior design is another passion of mine and one of my favourite pass times is searching charity shops for vintage treasures for my home.

My not so favourite things include...

- Snakes or worms, the latter being a bit tricky for a keen gardener, but basically anything long and slithery is a solid no for me.

- I don’t like clutter and having too many material objects which is why we try to have a semi-minimal lifestyle.

- I’m not a fan of horror movies, never have been and never will be.

- Lastly, I only dislike two foods, peas and baked beans, which is a subject of contention in our house because my husband loves both!

So that’s it for now, thanks for being here and I hope you learnt a little bit about me.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @abasketfullofblooms to stay connected.


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