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The Wedding Process

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life! The planning process can sometimes be quite stressful, but it doesn't have to be. My job as a florist is to make the floral decisions easy, enjoyable and stress free. In this blog post I'll run you through how we take an initial enquiry all the way through to installation on the day of the wedding.

I & E at Priston Mill (Water Mill) back in September 2022 (James Fear Photography).

Initial Enquiry

When we get an enquiry email, we typically respond with one of our initial enquiry forms. This form is completed by the client and allows us to gain more information about the wedding, such as the wedding date, venue and a little about the vision for the flowers (if the client has one). Some couples have a rough idea of the kind of colours and style they want and others haven't got any ideas. As a florist we love to help couples visualise and choose a style, colour and flowers that they love. Once filled out, the form is then returned back to us along with some inspirational photos to help us further visualise ideas. Depending on the size of the wedding we will sometimes reply with a quote straight away, this usually happens for smaller weddings but with larger weddings we often need a face to face consultation.


We offer in person or zoom consultations, whichever the client prefers. Consultations are usually necessary for larger scale weddings where we provide more than just bridal party flowers. During this meeting we discuss each arrangement in detail, the flowers we will use, the vibe we want to create and any logistical needs. Usually one consultation is enough but sometimes we will have an initial discussion and then another consultation later on to iron out the details. We may also need a site visit to the venue if we have not been there before or if we need to iron out any logistics.


Once we have all the information we need, we will provide the client with an initial quote. This can be amended by either the client or me if we need to update it should anything need be to changed. The quote will detail each arrangement and then give a total cost. This total cost is inclusive of flowers, labour, mileage and item hire (if applicable).

Booking Form & Deposit

If the client is happy with the quote then we will send them a booking form with our terms and conditions attached. This will need to be signed, dated and returned back to us with our required £200 non-refundable deposit. Once we have all this, the wedding date will be secured with us.

Secondary Consultation

A second consultation can happen at any point up until about 8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Here we will discuss more logistics, wedding day timings, ribbon colours etc. This is usually a shorter meeting as we clarify all the finer details.

Final Invoice

The final invoice with the remaining balance will be sent approximately 8 weeks prior to the wedding day and full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the wedding day. After this, amendments can't be made unless it's an emergency but this is something we usually discuss on a case by case basis.

Ordering Flowers & Flower Delivery

We order flowers approximately 5 days before the wedding. These usually arrive two days before the wedding, giving us enough time to condition and prep the flowers. This is a big part of the whole process as it takes a lot of time and care to get the flowers looking their best.

Prep The Day Before

We usually make all our floral arrangements the day before the wedding except for arrangements like arches or larger scale installations that need to be installed on the day.

Wedding Day & Installation

We typically drop off the bridal flowers and buttonholes between 8am - 10am on the morning of the wedding as this gives us plenty of time to get to the venue and start setting up there. We aim to install the flowers and be out by 12pm or 1pm at the absolute latest, assuming the ceremony starts at 2pm.

Pack Down

Should the client require us to pack down (this will be included in the quote) then we would come and pick up any hired items the morning after and this will have been previously arranged with the venue. If all hired items are intact and there are no damages then we will refund our hire holding fee back to the client.


Lastly, we kindly ask clients to send us a review that we can include on our website. Reviews are really helpful and we really appreciate people taking the time to write them. We are currently working on getting set up on Google and will eventually transition our reviews there.

I & E Wedding at Priston Mill (Water Mill) back in September 2022 (James Fear Photography).

We hope you have found this post informative and helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a quote or for a chat about your wedding flowers. We do also do events as well as weddings so if there is a special birthday, hen party, anniversary or baby shower coming up then we can also discuss flowers for those events.

See you again soon,


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