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Floristry is about expressing creativity through the beauty of nature.

Bethan George,



A Basket Full Of Blooms was born out of a passion for the outdoors and a love for natural beauty. The journey began on my own wedding day as I designed and created the bouquets, flower crown and all the table arrangements. I remember feeling so excited when the flowers arrived and as we prepped them ahead of the big day. Flowers were such a big part of our wedding and brought such an elegant beauty to the day, which I still appreciate when I look at the photos. My love for flowers grew from there and now here we are. I love being creative and making something beautiful that people will enjoy. Flowers create such a lovely unique atmosphere and always seem to bring a sense of joy and calm, they really do set the tone for the occasion. This is my flower journey!

Our Values...

As a business we strive to deliver the best service we can to our clients. It is important to us that people feel valued and heard by the way they interact with us and by the quality of our services.

Creating beautiful floral arrangements is our creative expression but for me it's not fulfilling just on it's own, it must must be accompanied by a desire to bless someone with your work. 

We want clients to feel that they are listened to and understood and that we value their vision and ideas. The centre of what we do is about people, making visions come to life. 


Integrity is really important to us, we value honesty and authenticity in our work as these are core values we hold in our personal lives.


Humility is another one of our core values and we make it a priority to be open to peoples ideas and opinions as we love to learn from others.


We believe it is important to show kindness to people regardless of who they are. We want to make people feel valued after interacting with us.

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